quimxel Destax Drain Unblocker Liquid 1LT 0460022 8428446460226

Destax Drain Unblocker Liquid 1LT

SKU: 013-030-0023
MPN: 0460022
Barcode: 8428446460226
Brand: quimxel
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It’s a special product to dilute the organic and inorganic waste of the waste outlet. Acts without help from mechanical or manual actions. Due to its extreme power it must be used following carefully its applications instructions.

Leave as little water in the waste outlet as possible. Pour the product slowly directly in the waste oulet. Leave the product act for 4-5 minutes and later pour a little bit of cold water. Wait for a couple of minutes before pouring plenty of water.

Guiding doses:
W.C. 100-500 c.c. Big waste outlets 1500-3500 c.c.

Container 1lt
Carton 12x1lt

1 (acidic)

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