Endless Top Line Grill And Oven 1300 5LT 2905351300 5202995105714

Top Line Grill And Oven 1300 5LT

SKU: 013-029-0021
MPN: 2905351300
Barcode: 5202995105714
Brand: Endless
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Oven and grill cleaner, ready to use. Safe to use on surfaces of stainless steel and plastic. Avoid use on aluminum and galvanized surfaces. User friendly, with impressive results.

Ready to use

Container 5lt
Carton 3x5lt

12 (alkaline)
The Endless - Eurochartiki is a company operating in the paper products sector. With a wide range of products including paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and more, the company caters to both professional and household customers. With an emphasis on quality and innovation, Endless - Eurochartiki aims to provide solutions that meet consumers' daily needs with reliability and effectiveness.

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