Saniline Sidifresh Η20 Baby Wipes 63Pcs 6-009-27 5200111970093

Sidifresh Η20 Baby Wipes 63Pcs

SKU: 105-118-0008
MPN: 6-009-27
Barcode: 5200111970093
Brand: Saniline
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With 99.5% water, they allow for cleansing without rinsing, avoiding the skin dryness caused by water washing. With a dermatologically tested composition, their very gentle lotion maintains the natural balance of the skin, making them suitable for the face and all areas of the body. The blend of natural extracts of aloe, chamomile, and argan oil limits moisture loss, hydrates the skin, maintaining its hydro-lipid balance, and providing long-lasting softness!

Pack 63pcs
Carton 14x63pcs
aloe vera
The fresh wet wipes Sidifresh they perfect help and protect for cleansing and sanitizing. Ideal to take at always with you at home, at work, when travelling, office and school.

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