TUBELESS Handroll Centrefeed Maxi Blue 6 Rolls 2912023003 3859892832650

Handroll Centrefeed Maxi Blue 6 Rolls

SKU: 014-044-0008
MPN: 2912023003
Barcode: 3859892832650
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Hand roll towel ideal for use in centrefeed dispensers. Suitable for any kind of work, long resistance. Ideal for HACCP.

Roll weight: 1700gr
Roll length: 225m +3m
Quality: 2ply sheets, blue cellulose
Sheet dimensions: 20x30cm
Roll height: 20cm
Roll diameter: 19,6cm
Core dimension: without core
Color: blue
18m more paper per pack (6 rolls)

Βundle 6 rolls
Pallet 44 bundles
Blue cellulose

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