Endless Napkin Luxury Black 100PCS 38X38 1100380011 5202995008657

Napkin Luxury Black 100PCS 38X38

SKU: 014-043-0050
MPN: 1100380011
Barcode: 5202995008657
Brand: Endless
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Soft and absorbent extra sized napkins for professional use. Black colored.

Dimensions: 38x38
Net weight: 490gr
Pieces: 100
Quality: 2ply sheet, 100% bleached chemical pulp

Pack 100pcs
Carton 24x100pcs
Bleached chemical pulp
The Endless - Eurochartiki is a company operating in the paper products sector. With a wide range of products including paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and more, the company caters to both professional and household customers. With an emphasis on quality and innovation, Endless - Eurochartiki aims to provide solutions that meet consumers' daily needs with reliability and effectiveness.

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